Cloud Accounting Shapes the Future of Business

By Joseph | |July 16, 2015|Leave a Comment

The culture of business is transforming—and it resides in the cloud. Cloud accounting has made tracking and accessing financial information as simple as checking your inbox. And although actual accounting is still a complicated process best left to professionals, cloud accounting can provide a multitude of advantages to businesses, including accountants who have b

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Choosing the Right Accountant to Represent Your Business

By Joseph | |July 8, 2015|Leave a Comment

When choosing an accountant to be part of your company, it would be wise to give it the same thought as you would choosing a business partner. Accounting services play a pivotal role in helping your business grow. And with so many people today choosing to run their own small business, along with small businesses already out there looking to expand or increase profit

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Why Startups Need Financial and Business Consulting Before Starting

By Joseph | |June 9, 2015|Leave a Comment

Today, despite the risks associated with starting your own business, many Canadians are taking the entrepreneurial route and starting their own companies. The need to control their own financial future is typically high on the list of why Canadians are heading in this direction. Interestingly, the irony is that the financial aspect is where many of these entrepreneu

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QuickBooks vs. Wave: What’s the Better Choice for Your Business?

By Joseph | |April 29, 2015|Leave a Comment

In this new era of cloud software, storage, and computing, businesses have benefited greatly from the applications created to specifically manage their operations. Perhaps where this impact has been most profound is in helping small businesses process their accounting, a task that was previously monumental for most small business owners who found dealing with receipts, payroll, taxes, and other ta

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How to Find Someone to Prepare Your Taxes

By Joseph | |April 13, 2015|Leave a Comment

It’s April and tax season is upon us, but let’s face it; if you don’t have the patience, the thought of spending mind-numbing hours scanning over countless documents can be quite daunting.   Do-it-yourself tax preparation software is an option, but if you’re not a professional accountant, there’s a chance you can make costly mistakes on your tax return. Online software may be ch

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Ever Feel Like You’d Like Someone Else To Do your Bookkeeping? Anybody Else?

By Joseph | |December 15, 2014|Leave a Comment

Well, you’re not alone. So welcome to the club, and while we’re at it, welcome to my world. Every entrepreneur, every man or woman who organizes and operates a business, takes on greater than average financial risks in order to do so. Every sole proprietor, every professional who hangs out a shingle, every partner in a small private corporation, will work longer hours, expend more creative

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