Business Tax Services

Running a small business requires a lot of time and attention to every aspect of the company, often with limited resources. Things can get hectic, but amidst all that chaos, the significance of filing taxes remains just as essential to the success of the company.

For small businesses and startups, there’s a lot to consider when preparing to file taxes. The rules that govern businesses are different than ones for individuals. Moreover, the type of business actually makes a difference with how taxes are filed. Joseph Shoichet Consulting (JSC) knows the details required for tax preparation for startups and income tax services for small businesses.

Corporate Tax Services

Small businesses in Toronto need to take every opportunity to increase their margins. Taxation for small businesses is one of those opportunities that can actually harm a business if it is not done correctly and strategically. If done right, it can improve the outlook of a company. JSC can prepare and file taxes for small businesses and startups to minimize any payments, leaving more funds to invest in other areas of your company.

Tax Filing Help and Consulting

Most small business owners understand that any job they can’t do themselves at an expert level should be left to someone else. That advice becomes particularly important with regard to preparing and filing corporate taxes. The layers of rules and documents can be intimidating to someone without the knowledge base to fully understand what needs to be done.

JSC offers consulting to small businesses that need help making sense of the complicated corporate tax filing system. Dividend splitting, employee bonus plans, and even a reorganization of the company all play a part in deciphering accurate tax preparations and returns for small businesses.

Let JSC handle all of the logistics when it comes to filing taxes for your small business. Our taxation services for small businesses and startups have been trusted by many organizations in Toronto, where for over 20 years we have a consistent record of delivering accurate and timely tax filings for our clients.

To get more information on how JSC’s tax services can help your small business, visit our web site or contact JSC today.